Amina Contemporary Arts

Announces Sale to Tilford Art Group

VALENCIA, CA – Friday, November 7, 2003 – Amina Contemporary Arts, owned and operated by artist Larry Richardson, is proud to announce the recent sale of Femella Icon #1 to Terell and Victoria Tilford, Gallery Director and Project Coordinator of Tilford Art Group (T.A.G.) In Los Angeles.

Femella Icon #1 (Female Icon #1) is the first in a series of figurative images by Richardson relating to gender, ethnicity and world culture. The icon series will eventually consist of 10 pieces of art. To date, the series also includes Masculus Icon #1 (Male Icon #1), Cleopatra, End of a Nocturne and Kadjur (Healer). Richardson’s goal is to create icons of color and bring forward those that are systematically bypassed in art history. Both Cleopatra and Kadjur are currently on display at Art & Soul Gallery in Stevenson Ranch.

“The Icon Series goes beyond relating to Black life — it places Afro-American figurative art on a level playing field, making it inclusive,” explain the Tilfords. “The paintings are very impressive not only in their imagery, but also in the rendering.”

The Tilfords are firmly devoted to promoting the emerging artist from the United States and abroad, while providing a sacred space for artistic discussion, education and celebration. Along with that education, T.A.G. seeks to continuously recognize the Master artist, particularly those of the African Diaspora and Latin America, from whom many of the young and emerging artists have drawn their inspiration.

Tilford Art Group, which officially debuted on the 15th of February 2003, is equally committed to giving back to its community. The gallery has pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds from each of their shows to a non-profit organization.

“I am very excited about the Tilford’s recent purchase. Their understanding and commitment to fine art and their community is impressive,” exclaims Richardson.

Specializing in Afro-American figurative work, Richardson prides himself on keeping his artwork fresh, setting it apart from the mainstream. His use of glazing and detailing along with a rich color palette similar to the European masters, infuses his paintings with a amazing luminosity.

Richardson’s exposure to the Berkeley art scene in his early days and his fascination for the large abstract figurative works of Afro-American artists of the time carries over in his work, even today. He has earned many awards for his work and is collected by a divergent group of people, demonstrating his ability to understand the various conditions of life, that form cultural links with our past and the future.